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Image by John McArthur

Macro Analysis

Understanding the fundamentals of how money enables societies to function and how DeFi presents a viable alternative for people prioritising financial autonomy. By analysing cash flows, we can also discern a lot about society and where there is money, there will always be profit-seekers.

Coding Station

The Future of Stablecoins

Why there is going to be an explosion of stablecoin variants and why the USD peg dominance won't last. How Web3 modularity ensures users are not forced into a specific monetary system.

DeFi Liquidity Provision

Yield generation in DeFi fundamentally diverges from the traditional order book model. Deep dive into concentrated liquidity and explore how various configurations affect automated market making returns.


A deep dive into the Bancor3 tokenomics and how it is radically redesigning the AM model to address impermanent loss and dual-sided staking.

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